Artist Statement – (short)
My work draws inspiration from the organic within the man made environment of the modern city. This duality of existence in shapes and forms creates a dynamic dialogue within my work ,which generates a multitude of visual experience for the viewer.
I work predominantly in intaglio, specifically viscosity etching, as I feel the ability to push the surface of an etching plate, and be pushed back in turn by it, generates the dynamism required for the aesthetic experience I aim to produce.

14 November 1971, Montrose, Angus, Scotland
Montrose Academy, Angus, Scotland (1983 - 1989)
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Scotland (1989 - 1993)
Bachelor of Design (Hons), Illustration and Printmaking
Atelier Contrepoint (formerly Atelier 17), Paris (1994 - 1996, 1998)
Assistant printmaker to Sun Sun Yip (1994 - 1995 & 1998)
Assistant printmaker to Hector Saunier (1995 - 1996)

Technician/tutor at Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (1999 - 2000)
Technician/tutor at Belfast Print Workshop (2000 - 2002)
Manager/tutor at Belfast Print Workshop (2002 – 2009)
2D Team Leader / Printmaking at Elam School of Fine Arts (2009 – present)

1997: Conoco, Aberdeen, solo show; “The Art of the Print”, Shoreline Studios, Aberdour; Aberdeen Artists’ Annual Exhibition.
1998: Scottish Printmakers Travelling Exhibition; “Works on Paper”, London; Seagate Printmakers’ Workshop, annual show.
1999: “Scottish Smalls”, Glasgow Print Studio; Riverside Studios, Stonehaven; Castlegait Gallery, Montrose.
2000: Conoco, Aberdeen, solo show; Angus Artists’ Summer Salon, Forfar, (Prizewinner); Belfast Print Workshop, annual show.
2001: “Showcase,” Lemon Street Gallery, Dublin; BPW, Engine Room Gallery, Belfast; “The Really Big Print Show”, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast.
2002: “The Art of Angus”, Montrose Museum; BPW, “Imagine”, Belfast; BPW An Culturlann, Belfast; Recent Print Work.
2003: Exeter University, England. Artists in the North, Dyehouse Gallery, Waterford.
2004: Church Lane Gallery, Belfast; Summer Salon, The Meffan, Forfar.
2005: “New Contemporaries”, Art Tank, Belfast; “12 Printmakers”, Townhouse Gallery, Belfast; “Showcase”, 411 Gallery, Hangzhou city, China; RGI, Glasgow.
2006: “Mind, Body, Soul”, Naughton Gallery, Empreinte Showcase, Luxembourg; Belfast; Gracefield Mini Print Show, Dumfries (Prizewinner).
2007: “Double Elephant”, Ormeau Baths Gallery Belfast. “Rediscover”, Washington, USA; “Input-Amplification-Output”, Arttank, Belfast; “Diverse Realities”, Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg, Canada.
2008: Solo Show, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn. “Footprint” Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk. Royal Ulster Academy Annual Show, Belfast. “Impressions”, Galway, ROI. “Node”, Original Print Gallery, Dublin (Prizewinner).
2009:”Eros – Thanatos”, Quebec, Canada. “Rock”, Luxembourg.
2010: “Homework”, Project Space, Elam School of Fine Arts, NZ. “Red”, Solander Works on Paper, Wellington, NZ.
2011: “Underground Art”, House of Hedone, Auckland. “8 Technicians”, Project Space, Elam School of Fine Arts, NZ.
2012: “Print Internacional de Cadaques” – Cadaques, Spain.
2013: “Ask an Expert” – Project Space, Elam School of Fine Arts.
“Cartographies of Ruin”, Solo show, Saatchi and Saatchi, Auckland

Barbara Rae (2001); Alice Maher; James Allen; Sophie Aghajanian (2002); Diarmuid Delargy (2003). David Mach; Brian Connolly (2003); Stuart Duffin; Natalie Russell (2004); Sun Sun Yip; Diarmuid Delargy (2005); Claire Morgan (2006); Scott Laverie; Simon McWilliams; Ivan Armstrong (2007) Hector McDonald; David Haughey, Barbara Rae (2008); Neil Shawcross (2009). Heavy Industries (Korea); P Mule; Michael Parekowhai (2010) Paul Elliman (2011)

Conoco Phillips (UK), Aberdeen. House of Lords, London. Northern Ireland Arts Council. Derby F.C. Co. Wexford County Council, ROI. Angus County Council, Scotland. Bavaria Motors Group. Royal Hospitals Trust, Belfast. BBC Northern Ireland.

2005: Impact Printmaking conference, Berlin / Poznan
2006: Artists Residency, Atelier Empreinte, Luxembourg
2010: Lithography Master Class, APS, Auckland, NZ.
2011: Impact Printmaking Conference, Melbourne, Australia
2012: “The Art of Printmaking”, Talk and Demo, Auckland Art Gallery.

From October 1994 to July 1998 I extended my printmaking experience at the Atelier Contrepoint in Paris, France. The Atelier has a world-wide reputation since its original founding by S.W Hayter. During my time there I studied and developed my skills in the technique of simultaneous colour printing (viscosity) and the use of classical burin in modern engraving and etching. I was soon invited to work as printmaking assistant to Hector Saunier, the Atelier’s director, and its head technician, Sun Sun Yip. My responsibilities included the preparation of all work surfaces, mixing of viscosity and intaglio inks, roller and press maintenance and exhibition arrangements.
On returning to Scotland I was employed at the newly built Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre to assist in the set up of their printmaking facilities, this gave me valuable knowledge in the use of space and layout of open access workshops.
After Dundee I was the manager of Belfast Print Workshop. My responsibilities there included the day to day running of the workshop as well as the promotion of the studio through the organisation of both internal and outreach classes, professional development courses, and the displaying of members’ works in exhibitions on both the national and international stage.
I am presently the 2D Team Leader for Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, having taken up this position in July 2009. My responsibilities here include the teaching of Fine Art Printmaking to 1st years through to PHD candidates, as well as the day to day running of the department.